Flash - Adobe Systems Flash ist eine Entwicklungsumgebung von Adobe Systems zur Erstellung multi-medialer und interaktiver Inhalte.
Joomla - Content Management System Joomla ist ein populäres Open Source Content Management System (CMS).
Open Source Blog-System - Wordpress.org WordPress ist heute mehr als nur ein Open Source Blog-System, es kann als vollwertiges CMS eingesetzt werden.


Joomla - award-winning content management systemPlain HTML has been regarded as the Traditional way to develop a website. Whenever we need to make a change, web designers / web developers used some tools like Adobe DreamWeaver, MicroSoft FrontPage, Adobe Contribute. It is a simple task for a small website. When the website becomes large, making changes will be a difficult job. Then comes into the Web development Horizon, CMS (content management system).

A CMS has many benefits because of its dynamic structure. The website content such as text, menu items, images, videos, HTML forms are stored in a Database instead of HTML pages. Joomla is a powerful CMS (content management system) which offers a lot of flexibility and extensibility. A CMS like Joomla have many powerful and interesting extensions and features (http://extensions.joomla.org). Also Joomla have lot of built-in functionalities to make our website development much easier. Joomla is open source software that is freely available to public.

Joomla is a powerful CMS, provides many built in features. Xe-Media customize Joomla to explore its real strength to make simple CMS websites to largest portals with lot of features such as News, Blogs, Forums, Forms, Polls, Search, Reports, Login, etc. In Joomla platform where you can develop corporate websites, intranets or extranets, multi-lingual web sites, online communities, portals, blogs and e-commerce applications, online magazines, newspapers and other publications.

Joomla Features

  1. Easy to Use Administrator Module to Manage Website
  2. Add, Edit, Delete, Disable, Enable articles (Content Items) using the Administrator Module
  3. WYSISWYG Content Editor Support. Built in editors and also we can install other editors which supported by Joomla
  4. Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs
  5. Built in Search module
  6. Built in User Login Module
  7. Built in News Module
  8. Built in Simple Polls Module
  9. Change the Look and feel of website by just changing the Templates. Templates can be use in the two ways, single template for all pages or to use separate templates for each pages.
  10. Media manager to save images and videos in server
  11. Language manager: Joomla provides Multiple languages facitlity for our websites with the help of Joomla Language manager and some 3rd party extensions like JoomFish. Joomla also supports UTF-8 encoding.
  12. Web Shop, we can incorporate a Web Shop to Joomla with the installation of 3rd party extension, Virtuemart

Logo Design

Das Logo nimmt einen zentralen Platz im Auftritt eines Unternehmens ein. Es repräsentiert die Werte einer Firma und steht im Blickpunkt der Öffentlichkeit. Xe-Media wandelt ihre Vorstellungen in prägnante, einzigartige Logos um.
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