Adobe Flash Flash is a development environment from Adobe Systems to create multi-media and interactive content.
Joomla - Open Source CMS Joomla is a popular open source content management system (CMS).
Wordpress - Open Source Blog System WordPress is more than just an open source blog system, it can be used as a full CMS.


Adobe Flash - Web Animation ToolAdobe Flash, it is a multimedia software from Adobe Inc. Adobe Flash is the powerful and most compatible tool on Internet to convey your ideas and information to your esteemed customers. It will add interactivity and flashy graphics to your websites. Your websites will be attractive and interesting with the help of Flash technology. Xe-Media have experienced Flash Web Designers, Action Script developers with vast knowledge, providing you aesthetic and interactive websites. Our range of flash based web design and development includes Flash based static website, Database driven flash website and flash based micro sites.

To play the Flash Animation in browser, we need Adobe Flash Player to be installed in user system.

Adobe Flash enables us to create simple animations to more complex animations with sounds, different fonts and videos. Also Flash has an upper hand in Online Game programming.

Flash Features

  1. Design good looking and interacting Web Animations
  2. Create Standalone applications
  3. Design Advertisements such as banners
  4. Develop interactive web shop applications
  5. Play videos on websites without the help of video software such as Microsoft Media player, Real player, QuickTime etc.
  6. Vector graphics will be more smoother and attractive
  7. With ActionScript, flash will interact with databases like other Server Side scripting languages
  8. Supports audio formats inside animation
  9. Create online games easily with Flash

Logo Design

The logo takes a central place in the presence of a company. It represents the values of a company and image in the public eye. Xe-Media transforms customer ideas into distinctive logos .
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